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Creating meaningful educational experiences is at the heart of what we do.

What do we offer?

  • Multi-day residencies

  • Interactive educational concerts

  • Chamber music coachings

  • Masterclasses

  • Group classes

  • Private lessons


Trio Gaia believes that chamber music is a model for the world because of its focus on dialogue, empathy, and compromise. We are passionate about sharing our own love for chamber music with our audiences and aim to help others connect with chamber music in personally relevant ways.

Who is this for?

Our offerings are customized for each audience: from classrooms to auditoriums, libraries to universities, concert halls to senior homes, our programs embrace every person in every setting.

Whether your organization is looking to pair a concert hall performance with community engagement, or whether you only need educational programming, we can work together to find the best fit! Trio Gaia's residencies and community programming have been presented by the Panama Jazz Festival, the Virginia Arts Festival, MIT, The Boston Public Library, Boston Latin Academy, and Carnegie Hall. 

                Will you come to me?​

Trio Gaia works with a variety of organizations and festivals, both nationally and internationally, to host interactive experiences. We'd love to connect with you and visit your community. Reach out on our contact page, or send us an email at

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